1b How to Draw Well (healthy food)

Fruits and Vegetables

Children learn how to draw bold pictures that fill the page and have everything in proportion. They follow a simple, practical, step by step approach, observe light and shade, textures and surfaces, learn some shading technique and produce finished, fruit and vegetable drawings of which they are each justifiably proud. Children encourage one another and are affirmed in the worth of their own achievements.

"Very age appropriate, fun, great pace, logical sequencing. Children all gained success and are very happy with themselves." (Y1-2) Sarah Ludbrook, Arts Leader, Te Rapa Primary.

"Extremely well prepared, students were fully motivated, steps were easy to follow and achieve. Each student produced a fine piece of art." (Y4) Jill Peauafi, Scale A, Silverstream School.

"Children just loved their end results. They now have a visual idea of how to go about drawing an object/item (and so do we teachers)." (Y7-8) Belinda Bunny, Opaki School, Wairarapa.


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