9a Cartoon Faces - emotion, personality

Cartoon characters (which take up a large slice of modern children’s lives) introduce children to fantasy and drama. Personality and emotion are conveyed through the face. Children learn to simplify faces, emphasise and distort features. This workshop inspires positive creativity in a field where the only limits are an individual’s imagination.

"The skills learned in this workshop will be easily and readily transferred into their daily drawings." Jenny Harvey, Yr3-4, Kingsway School, Orewa


Art Workshops
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- 1a How to Draw Well (still life)
- 1b How to Draw Well (healthy food)
- 2 Landscape Drawings (pen)
- 3 Confidence with Colour (pen & crayon)
- 4 Fun with Portraits
- 5 How to Draw NZ Birds
- 6 How to Draw Animals
- 7 Sports Figures in Action
- 8a How to Draw in 3D
- 8b Discovering Perspective
- 9a Cartoon Faces - emotion, personality
- 9b Cartoon Figures - character creation
- 11 Staff Professional Development
- Other subjects

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