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Me and My House

A reminder for family members and a quiet witness to visitors. The text, As for me and my House - awaits discovery. The teddy bear, ball, shuttle cock and childs drawing are a way of including children and their interests in the message of the painting. The glass holds brightly colored pens and pencils symbolising different members of the family. The model 1932 Ford V8 coupe stands for the comings and goings of busy family life. The Praying Hands medallion attached to the house and car key ring, is a reminder to constantly commit home and travel arrangements to the Lord for His keeping and leading. Carved in small letters in the little picture frame are the words, My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. The globe symbolises our commission to take the Gospel into all the World and also our responsibility to be good stewards of Earths resources. Special Feature: the little picture frame can act as a window within which you could fit a family photo. This painting now becomes a very personal manifesto of your familys faith and fundamental purpose

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