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Jesus with the World in His Hands

Suddenly he was looking down on his studio. He could see his own body lying on the floor. Then he was further up, looking down on his suburb. He continued to mount higher, he could see the whole city, the whole country, the whole Earth. As he watched, Earth shrank to a tiny dot in the velvet vastness of the Universe. Then a voice spoke, How big is your problem? With that he was back in his own body; the same man, but with a new frame of reference. The overwhelming problems that had driven him to fast and pray and seek after God, didnt look the same any more. Not long after, the artist friend who told me this story became a Christian. The story stuck in my mind. Years later, I came up with this painting. He who made everything and holds all things together asks us to trust Him. When we reflect on His greatness, how big are our problems?

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