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Jesus the Lion and the Lamb

For years Ive carried a longing to capture something of the Lords multi-faceted character in a painting. I wanted to reflect on the splendour of His majesty, the greatness of His authority and power, the immensity of His selfless love! A movie uses many images to tell a story. Ive tried to tell the greatest story in just one image, a visual essay that invites exploration and quiet reflection. The LAMB: John the Baptist pointed to Jesus and said, Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1 v 29). His Jewish hearers understood the need for blood sacrifice (the alter) to atone for sin. CALVARY: The eye of the lamb forecasts the crucifixion which opens the way (staircase) to heaven and eternity. The EMPTY TOMB: The light of early dawn is eclipsed by the brightness of an angel within the tomb, who announces to the women, He is not here, He is risen! (Matthew 28 v 6). The RISEN KING: How can an artist portray the Lord in His transcendent glory, surrounded by light unapproachable? Does He really wear a crown? (Revelation chs 6 and 14). The WEDDING RING: Yes, the Universes greatest Lover is married and is surely coming for His bride. The LION: Gentle Jesus, meek and mild is only part of the truth. The Christ is also the Lion of Judah (Revelation 5 v 5), with all authority to rule and judge Earth and its inhabitants, which He created and sustains. When we truly fall in love with the One who is ultimate love and goodness, we begin to mirror His nature. Ive tried to tell the greatest story in just one visual essay:- The lamb speaks of sacrifice. Its eye foreshadows the crucifixion, which opens the way (staircase) to heaven and eternity. Women at the empty tomb are told that He is risen. The greatest lover in the Universe wears a marriage ring and is coming for His bride. The Lion of Judah will judge and rule the Earth.

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