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The Wonder of Creation

O for eyes to see the wonder of His works! (these words are written on a log in the foreground). My growing up years were punctuated by regular visits to our family holiday cabin set deep in magnificent New Zealand forest. I vividly remember a day when the wonder of a tiny spider and single seed began to unfold to me. Their Maker was also responsible for every blade of grass on the lawn and the design of each of the trees at its edge. What began as praise to God over the incredible engineering that went into a tiny bug, grew progressively till I was lost in awe at the living design and complexity of a whole hillside of trees. I saw the forest as an amazing, efficient, interactive, recycling community, collecting energy, purifying air, producing food, shelter and stability. I ended up lost in wonder, love and praise. And beyond the hillside? - More beautiful hillsides and valleys. How great is the God that we adore!

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