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Road to the Cross Jerusalem

The Via Dolorosa (Way of Sorrows), is a narrow stone alley in Jerusalem. An early morning walk down this famous street, traditionally regarded as the route along which Jesus was led to the cross, became an intensely moving journey through time. The seeming closed rejection and hostility of as yet unopened roadside stalls and shops. Ancient stone walls from which it is easy to imagine echoes of a climactic past. People waving palm branches acclaiming Christ as their king. People who furiously demanded His death. Look closely at the green door and you will discover His hunched shadow, His heart cry etched in the sign above. Present reality is also expressed in the sky His face appears. In the walls His hands reach out inviting us to be His friends and followers. Overhead, etched in a flying buttress, stands inescapably the promise that one day soon He will come again to reign as King.

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