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Many thanks for trying out our service; you'll find your free, low resolution artwork attached, ideal for your phone or laptop.

Introductory Offer 
You can purchase a high resolution file of your art for just US $25! (NZ customers NZ$35)

- This art file is yours to keep and use as often as you like!

Just write, High Resolution Art File when you reply to this email.

Your local photographic print shop or online photo printing service can reproduce this as quality art on paper, canvas or the print material of your choice, in the size that best suits your lifestyle, or printed on any of a range of products. You can also use it in personal stationery or advertising.

Simply go to and make your US $25 deposit in favour of

New Zealand customers, pay NZ$35 by direct credit to 12 3046 0206972 00

NOTE: Make sure you include your reference number #[REF] and the start of your email address with the deposit.

On receipt of your payment, we will email your high resolution file to you.


you can order a ready-made high quality print as per the attachment.

Just write, Passcode Please when you reply to this email. We'll send you a no obligation passcode from which you may order via the website (just be aware that for some countries the shipping costs can be high).

Please note: We will hold the high quality (high resolution) file of your Personalised Art for the next 8 weeks.

If you have any queries, please quote reference number #[REF].


Every blessing,

Graham Braddock and the Personalised Art Team