Jesus said,

I am with you – always! Matthew 28:20


Keep reminding yourself of this great truth by putting yourself in the picture!

Simply upload your photo and create a free, personalised download to go on your screen or social media page.

You can do this for your family members and friends!

Although God has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13v5) its easy to forget this in the busyness of life.

The image of Jesus is merged into the photo of yourself. This is a reminder that He is alongside, and behind you, and also before you, saying, ‘Follow Me’.  And if we ask Him to be Lord of our lives, He fills us with the Holy Spirit, so that He actually comes to live within us as well (John 14v17-19).

As an artist I have spent my life putting the truths of Scripture into visual form, right where we live and work. As you personalise my art, it can be an encouragement to you, your family and those you have contact with.