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Real Drawing for Kids with Graham Braddock

I've helped thousands of children and adults to become
really good at art by first teaching them how to draw well.
Now I've created a DVD Workshop that is simple and practical.



Because the Workshop is on DVD you can learn at home at your own pace!

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To Parents, Teachers & Caregivers

Workspace, Equipment & Materials

Warm up Exercises

Layout Guides

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Parent comments

My three children aged 8, 10 and 12 participated in Graham Braddock's Art Course. They were inspired, equipped and encouraged by the results of these lessons, and have actively attempted to incorporate what they learned in their artwork since. I see these lessons as being similar to teaching phonics in reading - they provide tools that simplify the complexities of the drawing process, which then enable students to develop their creativity with greater confidence.

Helen Pearson, mother, editor and publisher of Celebrate Art resources, which are widely used in NZ & Australia schools.

Emma (age 11) has enjoyed the Art Course so much! She has been really focused, shown a real determination to "get right" and has taken great pride in her achivements (I have been amazed at the quality of her artwork). I think the Course has been of huge benefit to her overall confidence.

Gill Selman (parent)

Abbey (6 yrs) made dramatic progress in just 2 months. Her drawing skills are now well ahead of her age bracket.

Hugh Luong (parent)


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