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Note: This material is copyright and is intended to be used as part of the DVD Art Course.

Follow-up Lessons/Projects

Use the step-by-step DVD lessons as guides. At the end of each lesson steps there are follow-up suggestions. Apply the lesons steps to the Follow-up or to similar subject of your choice, before you move on to the next lesson. There are lots of paintings, drawings and subject ideas in the Graham Braddock Picture Reference Library on this website.


All the pictures, layouts and written text are copyright. If you have purchased the Art course DVD you are welcome to make one of the prints of any of my images for non commercial use as picture and subject reference.

More Reference on the Internet

There are endless images that can be accessed through other internet sites.

Create Picture Subjects of your own

Why not choose objects and arrange a still life composition?

Do a portrait from a photo of yourself or a friend?

Draw your family pet?

You could photograph & draw cars, motorbikes, boats, old buildings - whatever excites you!

Follow up projects - advanced designs!
Blank template for copying designs

More warm up exercises:
Exercise 3
Exercise 4

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"Emma" by Young Hoo - 8 yrs old

"Tropical Fish" by Emma Selman - 11 yrs old

"Puppy" by Young Hoo - 8 yrs old

"Pumpkin & Koala" oils by Graham Brradock

"My Cat" by Rebekah Pearson - 12 yrs old

set up your own Still Life

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