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Workspace, Equipment & Materials

To Adults, Parents and Teachers:

Most children are very happy to sprawl on the floor when they watch a video or doodle at drawing and coloring. The big question is, how committed are you to your child/students' success?

Workspace & Equipment

If you want brillant results, you must be willing to provide a comfortable viewing/work space and to minimise distractions.

Ideally, sit with your child/students, involve yourself along with them in the drawing process, and insist on quietness while children are watching, listening and drawing.

I suggest that each person sits on an appropriate height upright chair at a suitable, adequately lit desk or table. A firm, smooth drawing surface is essential.

A sloping drawing board is even better than a flat surface.

A shaded desk lamp with a movable arm is another great asset.

Display Have a large pin board on a wall where recent art can be displayed. Art mounted on a dark card surround looks great!


When art is no longer on display, ensure that it is signed and dated and put in a large flat folder (I wish I still had the art that I did when I was a boy).

Note: Displaying and storing children's art never fails to impart a sense of pride in their work and provides a visual measure of how well they've progressed.


Pencils: 2B pencil and a fat, 6B sketching pencil are fine. Sharpen pencils often.

Paper: White A4 photocopy paper is inexpensive and readily available.

Color: soft lead, color pencils are great. Watercolour pencils are even better (apply water with a large brush). Crayons are okay provided they produce good, rich colors. Narrow felt tip colored pens are not recommended. They produce scratchy areas with uneven tonal density.

Pens: A black felt tip or waterproof marker pen works well. Best of all, steel nib drawing pens come in various line widths and can produce beautiful linework.

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Macaw by Young Hoo aged 8 yrs




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