Art Workshops

75 minute, in-school Art Workshops which focus on process and drawing based technique. Large groups of children are kept fully engaged, learning to plan and express visual ideas with confidence. This vital skill can then flow over into other subject areas.

AGE RANGE:5 yrs to 12 yrs (N.E. – Yr8)

NUMBERS: Each session can cater for up to 120 children. (ICT Projection and Sound Equipment enable every child to see the subject, understand instructions and follow each step as it is modelled in large format).

LOCATION: school assembly hall during school time.

DURATION: Workshop time 75 minutes per session.

COST: normally $4.00 per student.

FOLLOW UP MATERIALS: Teacher friendly classroom based teaching resources and suggestions are available.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS: Treat your teaching team to a session that will improve overall drawing skills and confidence. Available 3.15pm onwrads after children's workshps at your school. Subject matter is within the broad category of observational drawing, but can be varied to include pen and wash technique. Cost: $350



Art Workshops

Art Workshop Subjects

1a How to Draw Well (still life)
1b How to Draw Well (healthy food)
2 Landscape Drawings (pen)
3 Confidence with Colour (pen & crayon)
4 Fun with Portraits
5 How to Draw NZ Birds
6 How to Draw Animals
7 Sports Figures in Action
8a How to Draw in 3D
8b Discovering Perspective
9a Cartoon Faces - emotion, personality
9b Cartoon Figures - character creation
11 Staff Professional Development

Other subjects